FuturesTV presents

The Futures We Want

Voices from New York



In the summer of 2015, New Yorkers from diverse walks of life were asked the question: What future do you want? This video presents some of their responses.

This short film is an experiment. It may serve as an initial pilot for an evolving series or collaborative project.

The Futures We Want: Voices from New York - FilmPosterSociologists, film-makers, and others with related interests are invited to join the effort to listen to, record, and engage with diverse voices in sites around the world. Tune in for updates.

Assumptions about the future guide actions in the present. Yet, how do these assumptions come about? How is the future being imagined? How do societies dream, desire, aspire, and hope? Why is it sometimes so difficult to imagine alternative possibilities? How do experience and expectation relate? What opens and what narrows the range of choices? What can sociologists learn by asking and listening to how people describe the futures they want? And what can we all learn from discussing future possibilities and the paths that could make preferable futures possible or even probable? How can the public debate about futures be broadened? How can the imagination and the making of futures be democratized?


How to play:  Click the banner image above to start the movie. Its run-time is just under three minutes. The video supports high definition (1920×1080).  Move over the banner and click the HD icon to set lower resolutions if you experience slow Internet transmission.  Click the loud-speaker icon to adjust the sound level.  Click the four-corner icon to enlarge the film to the full size of your monitor screen.  Other icons on the banner support later watching and sharing.



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