Georgina Tsolidis

Professor Georgina Tsolidis is currently President of RC 05 and its Programme Coordinator for the Forum in Vienna. She has been a member of ISA and RC 05 since 2002. Professor Tsolidis has researched the relationship between ethnicity and gender and how this can be understood through feminist theorisations of difference. She has provided on-going commentary on multicultural policy and its implications for practice in times when cultural difference is demonised, including in countries such as Australia where migration has been pivotal. Her personal experience of the diaspora has stimulated her interest in identification and how this manifests in families, schools and communities, particularly for young people. She has conducted research in a number of countries exploring the role of the maternal in such processes. She has a particular interest in education and has conducted ethnographic research in secondary schools, analysed the implications of education policy on equality and difference and written on pedagogies of difference and the internationalisation of the curriculum. She has also worked in research and policy for government.