Julia Dahlvik

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Julia Dahlvik is a sociologist and interpreter. She earned her PhD in Sociology in 2014 as an external fellow to the Initiative College“Empowerment through Human Rights” (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Human Rights) at the University of Vienna, Austria. Her doctoral research project investigated everyday bureaucratic practices of administrating asylum applications in Austria and was honored with the Dissertation Prize for Migration Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. During her studies she has realized study visits at the London School of Economics, the European University Institute, and the United Nations in New York. Currently, Julia holds a postdoctoral position at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Before that, she coordinated a project at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Health Promotion Research; from 2009 to 2014, she coordinated the “Platform on Migration and Integration Research” at the University of Vienna. Julia is a founding member of the Law & Society section of the Austrian Sociological Association (ÖGS) founded in 2013; in this function she co-organized the “7th Conference on Research on the Facts of Law” in Austria. She has also been teaching courses on law and society at the University of Vienna. Julia has edited and published numerous books and articles; her work has been published in Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, SWS-Rundschau and Annales de la recherche urbaine (forthcoming) among others.  –  Dr. Julia Dahlvik, researcher and lecturer / Department of Sociology, Department of Development Studies, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna / Section Law&Society of the Austrian Sociological Association, Co-Speaker, http://oegs.ac.at/recht-und-gesellschaft/ / ICEC Project, Institute for Urban and Regional Research Austrian Academy of Sciences, http://icecproject.com/, http://www.oeaw.ac.at/isr/en/personen/staff/dahlvik/.