Christiana Constantopoulou

Constantopoulou_Christiana - PIC -RC14Christiana Constantopoulou, Professor of Sociology, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, Athens/ ISA-RC14 President.  –  Degrees: (1) Sociology (Univ. Paris V, Sorbonne), (2) Public Law & Political Sciences (National University of Athens). Master’s Degrees: Social and Cultural Anthropology, Univ. of Paris V, Sorbonne, Political Studies, Science of Information and Communication, Sociology of the Law -Univ. of Paris II.  PhD: 3e cycle in Social and Cultural Anthropology, (2) Doctorate “d’ état” in Sociology (Paris V, Sorbonne).  1992: Visiting Asst. Professor University of Rouen (France).  1993 to September 2007: Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associated Professor and full Professor of Sociology at the “University of Macedonia” – Thessaloniki, Greece; since October 2007: Professor of Sociology, Dept. of Sociology -Panteion University. Elected Member of the Executive Bureau of “Association Internationale des Sociologues de Langue Française” (1996-2000, 2000-2004, 2008-2012, 2012-1016); President of RC 14 “Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture of the International Sociological Association since 2006; member of organization and scientific committees of several conferences; member of the editorial board of several scientific reviews (ex. “Sociologies”, “Socio-Anthropologie” etc.). “Chevalier” of the Academic Palms, French Ministry of National Education (since 2012).  –  Author of many articles and monographic works (mostly in Greek and French but also translated in Portuguese & Bulgarian and published in Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Tunisia) focusing essentially on the communicational structures of contemporary societies.  –  Selected monographic works (in Greek): (1) Sociology of the Contemporary Imaginary (Papazissis Athens, 2011), (2) TV: a Virtual Coffee House Papazissis Athens 2012, (3) Leisure Time: Myths and Realities Papazissis Athens 2010, (4) Sociology of Everyday Life Papazissis Athens 2009 & 2012 2) Issues of postmodern communication Kyriakidis Thessaloniki 2007 (1st edition, 1995).  –  Selected volumes (editor): (1) Altérité, mythes et réalités L’ Harmattan Paris 1999, (2) Récits et fictions dans la société contemporaine L’Harmattan, Paris 2011, (3) Barbaries Contemporaines, L’Harmattan, Paris 2012, (4) Médias et Pouvoir, Socioanhropologie du Politique Contemporain, L’Harmattan, Paris 2015.