John Martyn Chamberlain

Chamberlain_Martyn - PICDr John Martyn Chamberlain is Associate Professor of Medical Criminology at the University of Southampton. His academic background is multidisciplinary, covering criminology, medical sociology and socio-legal studies. His primary research interests include the study of medical malpractice, negligence and criminality, as well as the role played by specialist forms of medical and health-care expertise in the identification and governance of ‘troublesome’ social groups, including the unwell, the deviant, and the criminally insane. Drawing on this background, he has written widely on medical-legal developments in the regulation and discipline of doctors, publishing to internationally regarded monographs Medical Regulation, Fitness to Practice and Medical Revalidation: A Critical Introduction (Bristol: Policy Press & Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2015), The Sociology of Medical Regulation: An Introduction (Springer 2012), as well as contemporary developments in criminological theory and research, publishing two well-received books Understanding Criminological Research (Sage 2012) and Criminological Theory in Context (Sage 2015).